M9X832 Head-Foot Model Better QUEEN ADJUSTABLE BASE
ADJUSTABLE BED (Click For Lrg Pic)
Special: $876 (each) (Reg. Price: $1460)
Get a $88 Rebate. 10% Rebate.
Manufacturer Website:ASHLEY FURNITURE
Dimensions: 59(L) 79(D) 14(H)
Box: 60(L) 41.63(D) 8(H)
Manufacturer SKU: M9X832
Parks #: 129532
Collection: Head-Foot Model Better
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S0O0 410 24.6 1

Get a 10% Rebate
75(L) 79(D) 14(H)
Get a 10% Rebate
71(L) 83(D) 14(H)
Get a 10% Rebate
37(L) 79(D) 14(H)